About Hillstone Healthcare

Formerly HC Consulting/Management, Hillstone Healthcare, located in Columbus, Ohio, is dedicated to continuing the tradition of providing operational expertise to the long-term care and seniors housing sectors since 2010.

Hillstone Healthcare is comprised of 39 skilled nursing facilities, each one dedicated to providing quality care in an environment that feels like family. It is run by its CEO, Paul Bergsten, and COO, Matt Dapore.

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Latest from the Blog

Habits of Those Who Age Well

Many people view aging with dread. Nevertheless, as humans live longer, we can do take steps to live healthy and productive lives as we get older. Here are some habits of people who age well. Mediterranean Diet A healthy diet is instrumental in reducing or reversing aging’s adverse effects. There is scientific consensus that aContinue reading “Habits of Those Who Age Well”

Lifestyle Changes to Slow Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is a progressive type of dementia that causes deteriorations in memory, thinking, and behavior. Five million Americans have Alzheimer’s. This disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. and the 5th leading cause among people aged 65 and older. Although there’s no proven measure to prevent Alzheimer’s, health-related behaviors canContinue reading “Lifestyle Changes to Slow Alzheimer’s Disease”

Getting Ahead of Dementia Care

A dementia diagnosis is never easy, but new care guidelines provide some hope. As researchers learn more about this condition, they have been able to find more effective ways of helping those with dementia. A booklet produced by Skills for Care and Dementia UK provides valuable insight about family caregivers. This unique set of guidelinesContinue reading “Getting Ahead of Dementia Care”

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