AI-Enabled Machine-Learning May Revolutionize Early Diagnosis of Disease

In May of 2019, Google teamed up with Northwestern Medicine to conduct a unique medical experiment. Researchers applied a deep-learning algorithm to the CT scans of 42,290 patient’s lungs. The goal was to see how well the algorithm could predict a person’s potential to develop lung cancer. CT scans are normally examined one at aContinue reading “AI-Enabled Machine-Learning May Revolutionize Early Diagnosis of Disease”

Finding Ways to Drive Down Healthcare Costs

It has been the Holy Grail for government policymakers and the average American citizens for decades – finding a way to reverse the ever-increasing price of healthcare. Costs for seeing a doctor, getting treatment, a hospital stay or buying prescription drugs have become ruinously high for thousands of individuals and families. In fact, an editorialContinue reading “Finding Ways to Drive Down Healthcare Costs”

AI Claims and Medicine

Artificial intelligence (AI) uses technology and computers to stimulate critical thinking and intelligence behavior comparable to humans. One of the companies that use AI algorithms in medicine is epic systems. It is among the most prominent electronic health records organizations maintaining medical information for over 180 million patients throughout the United States. The organization hasContinue reading “AI Claims and Medicine”

Locations that Offer Generous Retirement Incentives if You Move There

Many hardworking Americans would dearly love to retire right now but simply can’t afford to do so. But wait a minute. What if there was a location that, if you moved there, would essentially mean you have 10 times more retirement assets than you do right now? Well, there are places that make this possibilityContinue reading “Locations that Offer Generous Retirement Incentives if You Move There”

New Policies Aim To Create More Transparency In Hospital Pricing

Health care practitioners often have to walk a fine line. On the one hand, medicine is a business. It actually costs money to provide health care to patients. At the same time, there is legitimate concern about just how much profit should be made off of the suffering of sick and injured individuals. One topicContinue reading “New Policies Aim To Create More Transparency In Hospital Pricing”

Telemedicine Is Helping Hospitals and Patients Alike

The power of virtual health is something that Congress and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services cannot deny. Significant changes are on the horizon thanks in part to telemedicine. In 2019, reimbursements for those using telehealth services are expected to be prevalent. With healthcare costs reaching astronomical levels, the ability to see a doctorContinue reading “Telemedicine Is Helping Hospitals and Patients Alike”


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